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Emotional assistance during sophisticated state of mind.

Navis Stella does not have a license in psychiatric help, nor our specialists are qualified individuals for psychological assistance. Articles you will find here are based on volunteer research and good will. Any information, intents or consultaion in medical field should be taken here as a friendly suggestion only and not as legal advice or prescription. Navis Stella is not responsible, but You are responsible for your own actions or deeds that are lenient from direct or indirect advice given by Navis Stella in emotional assistance.

This page is dedicated to volunteers. Whenever you would like your article to appear here are free to contact web administrator and to suggest your preferred topic of conversation.

Navis Stella is dedicated to high level of customer service and thereafter we strongly believe in foregoing development of help to community during our leisure time.

As an active part of a community we search for cases we could assist emotionally, educationally or psychologically throughout rough times, however we also dedicated to individuals who are interested into volunteering their own time and effort to put their hours into work for people with disabilities (either emotional or physical).

Feel free to donate financial support, however this is only if you want to. Emotional help is free of charge. 

Navis Stella will try to forward your message to organizations that are qualified to help in situations out of ordinary, if your close one is captivated against their free will it is a right way to keep searching for solutions and campaigns of volunteer people like Red Cross, like en.alternative.help, like Green Peace that are keen on gathering intellectual data that would ultimately bring back the goal you are looking for.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The amount of emotional feelings you normally occur during the day is tremendous. Many times a person can do sipmple jobs as brewing a cup of coffee or making pasta with easy. However after a long period of time self-consciousness develops. Doing something or not doing, it does not matter. Sooner or later a person asks himself or herself fundamental questions. Answers to those given are being processed and stored in our memories, our intuition and culturalizing civilized order of day to day activities.

It may seems a simple task that obscuring a completion of a harder one, for example: Making a cup of coffee will require a person to clean a cup, however if you feel anxious or you feel anxiety for touching a button on tea pot to boil water for it, than that is obvious situation that needs an emotional assistance.

Alternate name for help in post-traumatic stress disorder would be cognitive behavioral treatment, in either situation our fears are based on true and not true statements. So let’s say people around you say or do something, you realize they are trying to implicitly let you know something, however their messages are normally hidden or at least not clear as black and white piece of paper. What would you do? Usually you would feel what your guts tells you and you follow through, unless, of course, the feeling is not as pushing as it needs to be to complete the mission from point A to point B. You ask yourself of what would you do next. Well, it all seems too complicated even to read about, thus you feel like dropping it and finishing of what you have just started. 

Being able to think to peal an orange, plan to peal an orange, do actually peal it, then clean the table after you did that might just give you alternative satisfaction of completion of the task and inner peaceful calm.

The ability to decide and choose whether you want to eat cleaned orange or rather, say, through it away in garbage (even though it would be unjustified waste of resource) that what makes you free from anxiety and fears that you might receive over any task. From cleaning a window, to opening car's doors, from ordering a meal in drive through to parking back at your front yard, all these simple tasks are available to your disposal. Any time when you feel somewhat puzzled or unsure whether its right or wrong, you should listen to your inner self, rely on the law and judge out of the good will and faithful, trustworthy morals that will help you to build yourself and your future family.

It is never shameful to refer yourself to a licensed by your state official practitioner, like a doctor. At the time the doctors are accepting their responsibility to community they are required to take an oath of faith into medical assistance to others. Basically, you should have your own opinion in terms if you are going to trust your medical professional or you would rather find another person, but for sure when you feel in any sort or form of distress the best way is to deal with it, rather than put it into a box and sit on it. The best decision should come out of a fair judgment and trust into your own knowledge.

February 1.2020 

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Anxiety Disorders

Reason for us to write article is you. At Navis Stella we strive to perform at a highest level of transportation.

Ever felt worried or not completely sure about taking a next step? Literally, just picking up a cup of water, even moving to another thought would make you uncomfortable?

This is the place to find inner peace. You have no fear to protect yourself in time when necessary. Body is a vulnerable mechanism, but we should not extract soul out of it. We have been given our upright structural skeleton for reasons far beyond our understanding, yet we are profoundly competent in every muscle and bone location for the reasons of keeping ourselves healthy. The same way as we keep vaccine shots are up to date we should engage our mental activity, better words to put it - we should train our brains similar way we treat our bodies.

Numerous times you look at yourself in a mirror with uncertainty, well I do too. Does not mean I will be late to work.

Work. Work. Work. I am certain I heard that somewhere, Ah-ha! Of course, YouTube, it is a name of popular song. See I made an argument, silly, meaningless, however interacting … and now I am late for work : ) This is the kind the way to welcome your inner self to life.

They say if you talk to yourself means you crazy, not necessarily. I talk to myself, very interesting person I must say. I am joking. You should always listen to yourself and do as you wish, any time you decide about a proper speech, means that the talking inside decides about morality of future words that coming into conversation. Unless there is only 1 voice inside then you good but if you ever hear 2 or more voices then it is an indication of a light signal and signal is firm, the best idea to see yourself check out in doctor’s office. I assume you are from a little town, regardless of size of the city, I always recommend visiting state clinics, and after should you decide to seek for private licensed practitioners.

Have in mind the following some countries and values may differ from mine, for example in Ukraine state clinics provide general well service in physical therapy, however if you decide to come in regular clinic with i.e. Tourette’s syndrome you most likely going to face a big problem. Some countries peoples cultures are very superstitious and would assume crazy on anything even a fly. Therefore do your research on forums or similar topics, try to use anonymous identity to read those comments, so that people without a license would not be able to harm you by giving lame medical advices.

This whole article will be possibly qualified as lame by some experienced psychiatric professional. I have no fear being called lame. I have achieved a main goal with you my dear reader. Regular people never going to understand how hard it feels to be anxious, but us people with anxiety, well, for at least as little as 3-5 minutes of reading this complete nonesense you should have had forgotten all about you were worried about at the first place.

The whole point of helping a person with anxiety disorder is to relax the person, as we did with you. Reading helps to develop your inner strength. Conversations about weather are not meaningful enough to take your mind away. Many people experience anxiety and they afraid to talk about it to their surrounding close once. Talking is a way of emotional expression of a person, do not be afraid to experience new things. Do not be afraid to help yourself. Besides, we are still talking about nothing and you still reading, means that you all have forgotten about that noisy door handle that freak the stake out of you. So it is good. Be well and reach out to us if you want to or if you feel there is emotional issue that you not sure who or which agency best fit for your case.

We are here to help.

Denys Reva.


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Hoarders or Antiques Collectors (Professional Collectors) Part 1-3.

This article is meant for emotional support for people suffering from anxiety of being pushed by friends, family and therapists.

Please take this article as an emotional support only. Author of this article does not have education, does not have license, does not have training in psychiatry to assist professionally with mental diseases or mental disorders, therefore information or knowledge you may feel you want to possess or gain out of this emotional support you must rely on your common sense and professional opinion.

Professional opinion in psychological or psychiatric help can be provided only by a qualified specialist, doctor or similar scientific degree and field trained specialist. A doctor must have license up to date and provided by the country official organ/department or official state department that belongs to government official agency.

If you experience a little discomfort from stuff that is obstructing ways and paths inside or outside your residence that might be possible you need professional (doctor) assistance. Please no need to panic over word like doctor, or hospital or similar professional institutions like that. Usually, doctors or psychiatrists assistants are working towards mainstream of their careers not because they racing who get to prescribe more or less sophisticated named medications, but instead they are keen on helping poor souls to find simple solutions to complicated issues.

Since we have completed and set aside a terrifying experience of doctors office consultation now is the time to deal with financial anxiety or fear connected to collections. Please do not worry about medical bills when it concerns your mental health, instead try and explain the assisting professional specialist (not the receptionist, but the doctor who is going to bill you) your financial situation. Try to ask personal individualized expenditure plans to be created towards to you, so that you would be able to cover the expenses. (Therefore you will not feel yourself dependent over budget spending for mental heaths and doctors should better not sit on their butts counting potential profits from high end customers, but take pen and paper start working on creating new individualized private plans for newer customers in special financial situation. For doctors: economical perspective will supersede lower individualized incomes, in greater value of advertising and practicing qualities for specific branch, therefore fulfilling broader range of help that can be provided in shorter time scale by figuring out problems sooner and taking responsibilities for your decisions sooner the better rather than standardized duration of clientele visits. These bring bigger overall common wealth and broader society support from economic standpoint of view). Besides the fact that you feel yourself a professional collector, besides the fact the you have spent your hard earned money to create a cool and awesome collection of whatever is it that you have had gathered in one place (can be stuff or animals or even big equipment like cars or tools) there are other people around you. Even if you feel like you are clean and neatly groomed whenever you have go public, say to buy groceries or food or things for life that does not matter. Why? Why would I say that your well behaved cleaning may not be as effective as it should or as it could be socially accepted? Instead of hiding our issues deeper and deeper down in our closets we are here to assess to help ourselves to start to poke around simple things to try to trust our own opinions. In basic words: I do not mind if lie to me, I can live with that, but do not lie to yourself, because if I can spot that lie easily that means everyone around will be at easy to see right through your pain. In order to get better we will try to lead ourselves trough a rough path – the truth. Truth sometimes is not just harsh, sometimes its bitter and sour, not sweet at all.

Denys Reva. 09.February.2020

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Hoarders or Antiques Collectors (Professional Collectors) Part 2-3.

One might wonder why would I want to feel myself out of my comfort zone. Simple. You decide to ignore yourself, means that there might be consequences much more severe than just some random stranger pointing fingers at you. Piles of uncontrolled collections might bring downright attention of your guests inside your sweet nest. Thereafter you will decide on inconclusive and degenerative conclusion that you need to have your privacy policies extended and you decide to have more space from outsiders or visitors to your residence. In reality what is actually happening is your brain is overloading itself with unnecessary information thus avoiding overheating your intravascular (blood vessel) system brain decides to ignore imminent necessity of intrusion by blocking even mere existence of an object. Next step of degrading of your brain would be building a protection mechanism, by providing improvised defense of that particular object in your conscious mind. Third but not the last step of brain damage made artificially by person in need is subconscious application of improvised created defense of that previous object to a brand new one. In basic words: “Oh, Garry, I bought that night stand lamp and I found a screw driver just outside the house.” – Seems harmless and perfectly reasonable defense of your money and your time spent – that is foundation of defense. “Garry, I want us to keep these objects, both are useful and we could find a practical application for it in the future.” Second and third building blocks of subconscious mechanism. Whereas “both are useful” – two are stronger than one regardless of discussion matter and consequently easier to hide behind it, secondly (third building block and the most dangerous): “these objects could be used in future for the sake of well-being and creating common wealth in potential family perspectives.”

Now, we exhale and decide the author of these articles is a moron and idiot discrediting his theory on the spot. I am afraid not, Garry is a retired person, has weak eyes and shaky hands, he used to work with tools in carpentry however he has not touched a single loose door nub to fix in more than 5 years. His significant other shall be kept nameless for privacy protection reasons is young woman 30 years old never been to college (not going to use primer usage of night stand lamp - to read books) nor is skilled in construction or small repairs (therefore making found earlier screw driver and purchased night lamp useless for both inhabitants of the premise). Statements: “Oh, Garry, I bought that night stand lamp and I found a screw driver just outside the house.” and “Garry, I want us to keep these objects, both are useful and we could find a practical application for it in the future.” Both were not objected by Garry (he loves his granddaughter and relies on her physical support to navigate inside the house), nor these were brought to public for review (too small of an issue and virtually meaningless in long term). Therefore our person (whether woman or man – very similar) has bullet proof cover to bring two or more newer objects or animals into the saint site of life – “…might be useful in future”. This is how hoarding is started. There are several other culture specific reasons that might affect beginning of hoarding; however we are here to listen and try to assist with the problem before it has gone out of hand.


Denys Reva. 09.February.2020

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Hoarders or Antiques Collectors (Professional Collectors) Part 3-3. Dealing with the issue.

Time to change.

Vulnerability of your decisions is very high right now. You should try to reach out to a mental health professional and explain that it has had been brought to your attention and you are acknowledging that place has become difficult for life or work. Mostly professional in helping with disorders of such importance supposed to ask you several questions that are qualifying current situation from their point of view and those other simple question answer format communication should allow doctor to assist in next steps. Usually it is in best interest of yours being honest and trustworthy but you should always have your own train of thoughts. In case doctors are prejudice or insufficient (lacking) of experience then you will have your own opportunity to have a second opinion on hoarding issue.

Remember sometimes you barely able to save up some money for qualified team to help to sort and donate most of your belongings, however sometimes you should be expecting to grow larger and be ready to spend extra dollar on getting second opinion. Let’s say one company is 40% through your things but you still feel yourself anxious to get rid of things that are paid in full by you with your own hard earned money. That feels horrible, but a little extra money should be available to hire a specialist in psychiatry that could bring along not only expertise in hoarding subject, but this specialist will assist in finding better ways to inner peace and calm. Your belongings are not on deserted island, thus your items can create a hazard environment for society. For instance lots of things piled up next to plumbing area. A broken pipe leaking it created moisturized room for mold development. Mold dries out when it exposed to open air and thereafter it detaches little outgrowth from main mold body flying openly in place of your stay. Mold can be transferred on clothes and personal items therefore it can be transferred to other people in public places, putting their lives at risk. Mold is first and foremost catalyst (active part/creator) of cancer cells. Always better to cooperate with society beforehand and bonding with people in firm socially accepted relationships before showing off your creative nature. Sometimes being socially interpreted normal person is even harder than being individually creative person or group.

Just by reading this article you already working sufficiently. Next step is to pick up the phone and call; you could email too and talk. There are no worries, acknowledging of the fact that you need help is the hardest step. Removing the garbage and personal belongings is not hard. Call us or email, we will try to help you to find the right specialist for you regardless of the country of your stay.

Denys Reva. 10.February.2020

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“Once bitten, twice shy.” - 

Reference to ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1338-4202

Description of the problem: 

The literal meaning for “Once bitten, twice shy” is that of a person who was hurt along the way and now incapable of emotional reconnection with new similar life situation, thusly this person is becoming an extra careful, cautious and most importantly fearful of completing the same action [1, p.1].

Prerequisite studies and terminology:

First ever mentioning of this saying is dated around 1850s, the time people did not have neither electricity, nor a proper shower in months. One of suggested novels that had this expression mentioned was a novel called “Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour” by Robert Smith Surtees. Thereafter, in dark ages, few were actually able to be properly educated whatnot and rewardingly self-explanatory communicate with the society. Yet, many had to develop relationships and connections amongst all, bringing and educating their own children etc. With nowadays researches cruel [2, p.1] or not scientists would resort perhaps less to old saying as to DSM-V TR manual and latest articles in psychiatry, which would be able firstly to recognize and secondly define this psychological mental disability as mania, paranoia cause by shell shock, or as modern society dictates, battle fatigue in warzones and post-traumatic stress disorder in circumstances of regular civilian lifestyles [3, p.1].

It is better described condition where the patient is preoccupied out of exploring without sufficient evidential basis of malevolent or harmful behavior towards his or her own persona. Patient is busy with own thought, doubts and uncertainty about loyalty or trustworthiness of his or her surroundings or people. Patient who is hesitant of confiding own desires and wishes because of unwarranted fear that anything said will be used ill against him or her. This person can also be described with unpredictable conclusions about malicious and harmful attitudes of society while there are none to be presented factually. This person is antagonizing societal appropriate behavior as thereupon mischiefing treatment of appropriate reaction of the subject, nonetheless either zero provoked by surrounding or somewhat a little or a lot intimidated. Patient sees hidden threats and demeaning behavior in benign interaction, counteracting by contractioning himself or herself to building up invisible shields and blocking up mentally from the conversation or tactile communication. Researched subject may see himself or herself vulnerable to questionnaires, however not connected directly to paranoid mistrust in feeling that someone is watching over, more would look such as perception on self-centered reputational attack. Subject would not feel direct life-threatening like threats, but would keep defensive attitude towards close family, a spouse, mother and father or siblings’ protection. As well this person may have recurrent doubts about own fidelity to a spouse or partner, opposite attitude towards himself or herself, and none the least might have troubles connected to faithful lifestyle in general [4, p.1].

For obvious reasons traumatized individual did have a trauma like severe childhood abuse or sexual abuse, domestic violence, exposure to violent and harmful behavior and non-victimization behaviors that might have had led to, crippled or destroyed perception of reality, or even inability to trust, receive harmless interactions or just simply enjoy owns life. More severe cases of “Once bitten, twice shy” traumatic experiences symptoms may include but not limited to persecutory ideation and hallucinations [5, p.1].

It is recommended to refer to a licensed by the state’s government mental health hospital or practitioner for evaluation and proper treatment. Paranoia and traumatic experiences are common diseases that can be addressed by practicing psychiatrist to the point of elimination most of problem and returning to better, more productive and fulfilling life [6, p.1].

List of literature used for the article:

1) Collins’ online dictionary, URL:


2) “Vipeholm experiment” - Physical testings and trials on children. Sweden 1945-1955 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFvrXrbU/ 

3) DSM-IV-TR Casebook: A Learning Companion to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision 4th Edition. Robert L. Spitzer.

4) Paranoid personality disorder DSM-IV TR, Axis II: Personality disorders, 2000-2008.


5) “Routes to psychotic symptoms: Trauma, anxiety and psychosis-like experiences” – National library of medicine. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2748122/

6) Better health channel, mental health foundation in Austria, https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/conditionsandtreatments/paranoia

Denys Reva, postgraduate student. 11:00 am 28.12.2022. Zaporizhzhia city, Ukraine.

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